Critics Condemn The Way Elvis Performs “Hound Dog”

Critics Condemn The Way Elvis Performs “Hound Dog”

Elvis performs his song “Hound Dog” live on the Milton Berle show

In 1956, Elvis performs his song “Hound Dog” live on the Milton Berle show. His performance is accepted wildly and enthusiastically by the young generation. However, the press and many adults are not as pleased with Elvis performance. This performance goes on record as being one of his most controversial ones.


Yet, it helps his ever growing popularity with the younger generation. It also helps lead him to more movie roles and more appearances on other shows, as well as traveling gigs. As his popularity increases, many religious groups and those who are morally outraged by his performances, continue to condemn his performances.

On July 1st, 1956, Elvis sings his song, “Hound Dog” again on a television show. This time he agreed to tone it down a bit. The show was the variety show known as “The Steve Allen Show,” and it set record highs.

Elvis’s popularity grows so much that Ed Sullivan, finally wants him to perform on his show. Ed Sullivan had been one of the many who had spoken outright against Elvis. He even stated that he would never have him on his show. Now in 1956, he not only wanted him as a guest, he would agree to a three part deal that would net Elvis $50,000. This is more than any guest star received for an appearance on a variety show, at that time, in history.

Yes, Elvis continued to break history books in the entertainment field, even though people continued to condemn his long hair and sensuous dance style.