Elvis Received His Fist Guitar In The 1946

Elvis Received His Fist Guitar In The 1946

His performing bug begins.

In 1946, music began to change for the first time. It all started when young Elvis wanted a bicycle.  At the time, Elvis was eleven years old. He wanted a bicycle but because of their fincial situation, his parents couldn’t afford this type of purchase. Elvis accepted a guitar instead. At the time, they could purchase a guitar at a cheaper price. It cost them $12.95 and it was purchased at their local hardware store. This guitar helped to guide Elvis into his musical career, the one that would change the musical world.

On November 6, 1948, Elvis used the guitar that his parents gave him and sang a song to his junior high class. He sang the song “Leaf On A Tree.” This was the last song he sang in this town because soon his family moved to another city, hoping to find a better way of life. 

His parents had decided it was time to try to find a new and better life. They were packing up the family and heading to Memphis, Tennessee. Other family members from both the Presley and Smith side of the family would be joining them in hopes of finding better jobs.

Once the family arrives in Tennessee, the entire family gets jobs, including young Elvis. He also attends L.C. Humes High School and Assembly of God Church, as he begins to take in the black blues and gospel music around him. He also begins to wear his hair a bit longer.

While attending school, Elvis enters another talent show. The crowd loves his performance and the applause is something that Elvis instantly enjoys. He even plays an encore for the crowd. His performing bug begins.