Fans celebrate Elvis Presley as the 35th anniversary of his death approaches

Fans celebrate Elvis Presley as the 35th anniversary of his death approaches

August 16, 2012 will mark 35 years since the passing of “The King,” Elvis Presley

Fans will mourn the passing and still celebrate the life of the legendary Elvis Presley, who will always be known as “The King,” even though  August 16, 2012 will mark the 35th anniversary of his death.  Yes, it is remarkable to know that 35 years have passed since that tragic day that this man of great music died. Fans across the world will be marking this date. This includes fans in his home state of Memphis, Tennessee and fans as far away as Brazil. What will fans do?

Some may plan on visiting his home, “Graceland.” This memorable site draws over 600,000 visitors each year.  This year in Memphis there will be many festivities honoring “The King.” This will include some of Elvis’s live performance being projected onto a movie screen for all to enjoy. Then a cast of musicians will begin to perform along with Elvis. During the event, Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley will be there, along with other people who were a part of Elvis’s life.

There will also be other festivities around the world honoring the king. In Tweed, Ontario Canada, there will be an Elvis Festival. It will be held from August 24 through the 26th.  In Portage, Indiana there will be an Elvis FANtasy Fest held on October 12 though the 14th. It is being held in the Woodland Park Community Center.  Plus, there are many other festivals and special events planned throughout the year.

For those who can’t attend any special events, they may plan their own special memorial. During these memorials, they will definitely be listening and enjoying the music of “The King.”  They may even decide to purchase some music.  The magazine Vanity Fair reported that each year his estate makes at least $50 million from his record sales. This makes Elvis the highest paying dead recording artist.

Yes, it may have thirty-five years since Elvis passed. But he will never be forgotten. He will continue to be celebrated. You can learn more about how the world is getting ready to celebrate Elvis’s memorable by going to