‘Heartbreak Hotel’ Becomes Elvis’s First Number One Track

‘Heartbreak Hotel’ Becomes Elvis’s First Number One Track

Elvis Makes Music History


On January 27, 1956, “Heartbreak Hotel” is sent to all the major radio stations by the production company known as RCA. Soon the song becomes number one on the pop singles chart and goes on to become number one on the country charts. This is the first track that Elvis has that becomes number one. It also hits the number five ranking on the R & B charts.

During those first three weeks of sells, over 300,000 copies of the record are sold. It also is the first record by Elvis that sells over a million copies. This earns Elvis the first Gold reward. Yes, Elvis begins to make music history with this very first number one song.

On January 28 of this same year, Elvis makes his first national televised appearance. It is on a television show known as “Stage Show,” which aired on CBS. It starred Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey and was produced by Jackie Gleason. The appearance was a huge success and his fans begged to see more of him.  Thus, he made a few more appearances in the following weeks.

On March 25, 1956, Elvis tries out for his first movie role. He flies out to Hollywood to meet with the studio executives from Paramount Studios. While he is there, he has to take part in a screen test. This test involves him lip synching to the song “Blue Suede Shoes” and actually doing dome dialogue scenes. The movie will eventually be named “The Rainmaker.” In April, he signs a contract with Paramount and his movie career begins.