The Weirdest Elvis Impersonator: All Hail, the Drag King....

The Weirdest Elvis Impersonator: All Hail, the Drag King....

Elvis Herselvis

Probably the most unique, strange, if not controversial depiction of Elvis Presley by an Elvis impersonator would have to be Elvis Herselvis.

Leigh Crow, a fully out lesbian had thought of the idea of evoking the King during a Lesbian Rock n’ Roll festival. She was such a hit she took on the persona and made Elvis history.

She calls herself a female Elvis Impersonator or an even better term: a Drag King. She says that she can relate to Elvis as he also pushed racial barriers. He was a white boy singing and moving like a black man to the American public’s horror. It is the same with her.

During the 2nd International Elvis Presley Conference (yes, there is one) held at the University of Mississippi, Oxford; Professor Chadwick wanted to test the limits of race, class, sexuality and property and invited Elvis Herselvis to perform at the conference. He got his conclusion. Local Baptist ministers pressured the Mayor of Tupelo to block funding for the conference. In turn, the Elvis Birthplace and Museum joined the fold and Elvis Presley Enterprises shortly thereafter. EPE sent Chadwick a diplomatic note stating that they were not funding the conference due to the nature of Elvis Herselvis’ performance. Quite what Chadwick expected Elvis suffered during his days growing up in the bible belt that pressed racial and homophobic values.

Crow has used the persona with the all female rockabilly group “The Slim Pickins” and her own “Elvis Herselvis and the Straight White Males” worldwide. Hailing from her home town of San Francisco, the provocateur has even performed in the Kings stomping grounds of Memphis. Signature is her sexy vibrato voice, hip shaking, spoofing the Kings drug problem, making fun of other impersonators and wiping the sweat from her brow with the panties of her adoring fans.

If you ever have the chance to catch her act it’s highly recommended.