Hooray for Presleywood!!

Hooray for Presleywood!!

Hollywood's Portrayal of Elvis Presley

Elvis has been portrayed by so many actors and in so many movies, both fictional and non-fictional it is hard to pick a favorite.

Let’s take a trip back and look at all the incarnations of our beloved King and see who YOU like the best:

Bruce Campbell- Bubba Ho-Tep: The Evil Dead Alumni plays a fictional Elvis, who has aged and lives secretly in an old folks home and teams up with JFK to figure out who is killing their fellow residents.

Peter Dobson-Forrest Gump/Protecting the King: who can forget his portrayal of young elvis learning his signature swivel from Forrest Gump. He comes back as the king in a movie about his step-brother being his bodyguard.

Jerry Eeten-Elvis Took a Bullet: “Aron” Presley believes he is the reincarnation of the King and becomes a doctors room mate from hell.


Johnny Harra (42)         This is Elvis: Documentary where 3 different actors played him in dramatizations of different stages of his life.


Dana McKay(35)



Daniel Scott(18)



Tyler Hilton-Walk the Line: In this biopic about Johnny Cash, all the actors were to do all their own singing and playing and Tyler walked up to the plate and knocked his rendition of E out of the park.

Paul Hipp-Liberace: Paul plays the king during his time in Hollywood and vegas and being friends with biopic topic Liberace.


Don Johnson-Elvis and the Beauty Queen: Another Elvis biopic covering his last four years with live in girl friend and beauty pageant contestant Linda Thompson.


Harvey Keitel-Finding Graceland: a broken hearted widower picks up a Marilyn Monroe impersonator and someone we are never sure if he is the real Elvis or just a washed up impersonator; making a road trip to Graceland.

David Keith-Heartbreak Hotel: In order to make his mother, who is recovering from a car accident, a son kidnaps the king and keeps him at their boarding house for her birthday.


Val Kilmer-True Romance: The former Jim Morrison impersonator plays the ghost of Elvis who acts as a devils advocate to a comic book geek who falls in love with a prostitute. The king orchestrates the killing of her pimp.

Shawn Wayan Klush-Shake Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story: a television series that covers the birth of rock n’ roll played by contemporary musicians.


Karlo Metikos-Going for the Gold: the Bill Johnson Story: Elvis makes a cameo in this biopic on 1984 Olympic Skier Bill Johnson.


Matt Lewis-The Tears of a King: Elvis in the final days of his life as he does some soul searching through flashbacks. Sad ending of the King dying from a drug overdose.


Dale Midkiff-Elvis and Me: Taken from the book written by Pricilla Presley, chronicles their meeting and life together.


Ryan Pelton-Hound Dog: Elvis has a cameo in this dark drama about a girl who copes with her disasterous surroundings by listening to Elvis Presley songs.


Robert Patrick-Lonely Street: taken from the mystery novel of the same name, “Mr. Aaron” a mysterious celebrity who looks a lot like an aging Elvis, hires a private detective to snoop on a tabloid reporter who ends up dead.

Rick Peters-Elvis Meets Nixon: telling the story of the publicized event of the meeting between Elvis and President Nixon. Elvis convinced he is responsible for the drug culture in America asked to be made a Federal Agent at Large and Nixon wanting to win the hearts and approval of American youth.

Joe Sagal-Nightmares and Dreamscapes: Elvis is the mayor of Rock n’ Roll Heaven in this adaption of Stephen King’s short story “You Know, They Got a Hell of a Band”.

                -RedLine: Elvis is the announcer for an exclusive rich man’s street race.

                 -The Unbeatable Harold: Love triangle film involving a wanna-be Elvis impersonator

Jason Alan Smith-Crazy: Biopic on one of Nashville’s greatest guitarists Hank Garland.


Jack Smink-Buried Dreams: fictional tale of Elvis in his last days.


Frank Stallone-Angels with Angels: comedy about George Burns trying to get in a smoke free heaven to be with Gracie.


Michael St. Gerard-Elvis: the Early Years: Mini-series about the King’s life.

-Great Balls of Fire: Biopic of Jerry Lee Lewis.

                -Heart of Dixie: adapted from the book “Heartbreak Hotel”.

 -Quantum Leap: TV series episode “Memphis Melody” E inspires a young Bill Clinton.

George Thomas-Memphis Rising, Elvis Returns: comedy under the guise that Elvis has spent the last 32 years with aliens and when they return him to earth, unaltered since 1977, he plans a comeback as an Elvis impersonator.

Jeff Yagher-Twilight Zone: “The Once and Future King”. A young man travels back in time and meets the real Elvis as a teenager and tries to convince him not to make the same mistakes again ending in his demise. Elvis doesn’t believe him and they fight, Elvis ends up dead and he has to take his place.

Rob Youngblood-Elvis and the Colonel: biopic covering the tumultuous relationship between the king and his notorious manager.


Jack White-Walk Hard: a hilarious spoof of “walk the line”.



Donny Edwards-Elvis at War: biopic of Elvis when he was enlisted in the Army.


Jon Rhys Meyers-Elvis: TV miniseries covering the life and times of the king.


Kurt Russell-Elvis: The biopic that started them all. Made for TV. Chronicling his life from birth to his last concert.