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"Love Me Tender" Starring Elvis Presley

Elvis has appeared in a variety of films. He had to serve military duty and after returning from this he starred in his first movie called “Love Me Tender”. The film is the story of the Reno brothers. Elvis Presley plays Clint Reno who does not go to war. His older brothers Vance (Richard Egan), Brett (William Campbell) and  Ray (James Drury) leave home to fight in the American Civil War. Another character in the movie is Cathy (Debra Paget), who was destined to marry the older Vance. 
Clint receives incorrect news that Vance has died in the battlefield, so Cathy later marries Clint instead. The film was made by Twenty Century Fox in 1956. The executive producer was David Weisbart and the screenplay was written by Robert Buckner. It is based on the original story by Maurice Geraghty. 
Even though this movie is well-known by Elvis fans, the movie did not receive a warm reception when it was released. Actually it is the only movie made by Elvis that was not a box office hit. The film’s name is from the original song, “Love Me Tender” by Elvis. It was first released in September 1956 and the producer wanted to capitalize on the popularity of this song. 
The movie does show the complexities of being part of a family. Vance and the brothers return from war to find his sweetheart married to his younger brother. From this point on tensions are seen within the family. The movie does not have a happy ending as Clint is killed in some of the final scenes of the movie.