January 2012

Elvis Presley Starring in "Blue Hawaii"

One movie that Elvis did star in during 1961 is the popular Blue Hawaii. The movie was actually filmed on location in Hawaii. The movie is based on a screenplay that is written by Hal Kanter. It won the award for the Best American Musical in 1962. 

Blue Hawaii is one of Elvis Presley's best films. It started at number two on the box office list when the film was first released. The critics did not warm to it, but the public loved it. It became so popular that it won 4th place in the Top Musical Laurel Award of 1961.

The Million Dollar Quartet Live

Clash of the Titans


On Tuesday, December 4th, 1956; Carl Perkins and his brothers Clayton and Jay and drummer W.S. Holland walked into Sun Records in downtown Memphis. Their goal was to develop new material to follow up Carl’s hit “Blue Suede Shoes” starting with an old blues song “Matchbox”.

Sam Phillips, owner and operator of Sun brought in an unknown talent he had just acquired who sang and played piano and would accompany Perkins on his new record. His name was Jerry Lee Lewis.

During that session, a somber young man who had found fame with a few country songs he recorded at Sun showed up to listen to Perkins play. His name was Johnny Cash.

Later that morning, a former Sun artist turned RCA artist showed up to pay a casual visit. He brought along his girlfriend Marilyn Evans, and was the hottest name in show business. His name was Elvis Presley.

Shortly after, a jam session began between all those artists. Cowboy Jack Clement was minding the board that session and thought it may be a good idea to record this. He did and the rest, as they say, is history.

That historic moment has been brought to life on Broadway and in Chicago and also touring the United States in “Million Dollar Quartet Live”.

Hearing the songs from the icons like never before you’ll be transported back to 1956 and be a fly on the wall of this monumental gathering. Nominated for a Tony, the Broadway hit will be hitting theatres near you!


Elvis Presley Starring in "G. I. Blues"

This movie was first released in 1960. It was released right after Elvis had returned from his mandatory stint within the army. It was in second place for the box office hits when it was released in 1960. This romantic comedy tells the story of Tulsa McLean.

The story behind the movie is quite movie. Elvis Presley plays “Tulsa McLean” who is an army specialist. Tulsa would like to develop his singing career.  He is in the army stationed in West Germany, but would like to one day open his own night club. However, Tulsa will need to come up with the money to purchase a club. He decides the best way to do so would be to open his own band. A group of him and his mates form the band and they play all through Germany and for their fellow army members.

Elvis Starring In "King Creole"

One of the movies that Elvis Presley starred in was “King Creole”. It was thought to be one of his favorite acting roles. In this 1958 movie, Elvis plays “Danny Fisher” alongside Carolyn Jones who starred as Ronnie and Walter Matthau who acted in the role of Maxie Fields. The director of this movis is Michael Curtiz and Michael Moore. It is based on a book written by Harold Robbins. The name of the book is called “A Stone For Danny Fisher”.

The whole story is centered around a teenager who falls in with a bad crowd. Danny Fisher starts life as a good kid working to support his family. His lives with is father and sister Mimi. His mother has died. His father moves them to New Orleans. Danny helps one of his classmates fight someone who is trying to harm her. When he gets into a fight, the principal of the school is mean to him and he drops out of high school.

"Viva Las Vegas" Starring Elvis Presley

Another movie that Elvis starred in is called “Viva Las Vegas”. It was in 1964 and was the third movie that Presley made. The movies is also called “Love in Las Vegas” if you were to speak to someone from England. Elvis Presley plays “Lucky Jackson”. He has a co-star Ann-Margaret who plays “Rusty Martin”. It is based on a script written by Sally Benson. When the movie was released it grossed over 36 million dollars and was on the top 15 for the box office list. It is the most grossed for any movie.

This movie is set in Las Vegas and the movie describes how Lucky Jackson must compete against Count Elmo Mancini for the Grand Prix auto racing title. He must also compete with Mancini for the affections of Rusty Martin. Count Elmo Mancini is played by Cesare Danova.