March 2012

Elvis Filmed ‘King Creole’ in January through March of 1958

Elvis stated that this was his favorite acting role.

“King Creole” was the most critically acclaimed movie that Elvis ever starred. It was also the last movie he starred in before he went into the Army. He began filming this in January of 1958 and wrapped up production in March of 1958.

The film was based on the novel, “A Stone for Danny Fisher.” The novel was written by Harold Robbins. Elvis played the starring role of Danny. Elvis stated that this was his favorite acting role.


The plot of the movie centered on Danny. Danny’s life, at 19, becomes complicated after his mother’s death. He moves back home to help his impoverished family, a father and a younger sister. His father is shaken up over his mother’s death and quits his job. Danny has to find work to support his family, while trying to continue with school.

An incident at school involving a girl causes him to drop out of school. That girl is Ronnie, played by actress Carolyn Jones. Soon he finds himself torn between this girl and another girl, named Nellie, played by actress Dolores Hart.

If romance, work and trying to support his family aren’t enough for a mere 19 year old to handle, he soon will have mobsters wanting him to do jobs for them. These jobs includes wanting him to beat others up for them. This isn’t the life Danny wants for himself.

Critics Condemn The Way Elvis Performs “Hound Dog”

Elvis performs his song “Hound Dog” live on the Milton Berle show

In 1956, Elvis performs his song “Hound Dog” live on the Milton Berle show. His performance is accepted wildly and enthusiastically by the young generation. However, the press and many adults are not as pleased with Elvis performance. This performance goes on record as being one of his most controversial ones.


Yet, it helps his ever growing popularity with the younger generation. It also helps lead him to more movie roles and more appearances on other shows, as well as traveling gigs. As his popularity increases, many religious groups and those who are morally outraged by his performances, continue to condemn his performances.

‘Heartbreak Hotel’ Becomes Elvis’s First Number One Track

Elvis Makes Music History


On January 27, 1956, “Heartbreak Hotel” is sent to all the major radio stations by the production company known as RCA. Soon the song becomes number one on the pop singles chart and goes on to become number one on the country charts. This is the first track that Elvis has that becomes number one. It also hits the number five ranking on the R & B charts.

During those first three weeks of sells, over 300,000 copies of the record are sold. It also is the first record by Elvis that sells over a million copies. This earns Elvis the first Gold reward. Yes, Elvis begins to make music history with this very first number one song.

Elvis Received His Fist Guitar In The 1946

His performing bug begins.

In 1946, music began to change for the first time. It all started when young Elvis wanted a bicycle.  At the time, Elvis was eleven years old. He wanted a bicycle but because of their fincial situation, his parents couldn’t afford this type of purchase. Elvis accepted a guitar instead. At the time, they could purchase a guitar at a cheaper price. It cost them $12.95 and it was purchased at their local hardware store. This guitar helped to guide Elvis into his musical career, the one that would change the musical world.

On November 6, 1948, Elvis used the guitar that his parents gave him and sang a song to his junior high class. He sang the song “Leaf On A Tree.” This was the last song he sang in this town because soon his family moved to another city, hoping to find a better way of life.