June 2012

Graceland: 30 years ago

The history of the house

Graceland: The mansion located at 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard and the land it sits on was once a farm dubbed “Graceland Farms” by its owner S.C. Toof, who was founder of the S.C. Toof & Company printing firm in Memphis in the early 1900s. Named after his daughter Grace, the plot of land that Graceland sits on now was owned by Grace’s nephews and niece who built the original colonial mansion.

In 1957 when Elvis Presley’s fame began to peak and he and his family’s privacy was becoming non-existent, he gave his parents $100,000 to find a farmhouse with a little more privacy for them to live. They had put down money on it and after viewing the property for himself, Elvis fell in love immediately with Graceland.